Fresh Meat to Your Door Hassle Free

Meat With Me is a home delivery service for locally raised beef.  All of our meats are prepared before the delivery no freezing for months before hand like other online companies.

We send out our deliveries daily Our beef is all from local farms across Ontario. We proudly sell AA or higher Canadian grass raised and grain finished. That contain no antibiotics, and are under 30 months old.

Delivery is simple. Once you place an order we will go through our cooler hand pick your beef, hang for the appropriate amount of time and then deliver. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to [email protected]

Safe Food Handling Practices

It is important to practice safe food handling practices to limit the risk of illness. Our meat is prepared in a clean environment that is washed thoroughly every day. We do our part to keep our customers safe. Three good practices to follow are outlined below.