Beef Side DEPOSIT of $500 REQUIRED


A whole beef side is available. We will break it down for you, vacuum pack everything how you would like, it will be available for local pickup in Toronto or local delivery throughout southern, western eastern and parts of northern Ontario. If you would like to commit to a deposit we can confirm if we can deliver it to you!

How Pricing Works- When you decide you would like to buy a side of beef you must choose the grade that you would like. We have beef that ranges from AA, AAA or Prime. AA will be the least expensive and prime will be the most expensive. We will then choose a side and give you the weight- It will range between 300-500lbs starting hanging weight.

Prices will be AA- $5.20LB AAA- $5.40LB Prime $5.70LB

The Cuts you will get:

One Hind Shank- Left whole or cut how you would like.
One Beef Heel- Boneless piece of beef that is great for grinding or beef stew.
One Beef Inside Round- The inside round is great for making beef cutlets, grinding and beef stew.
One Beef Outside round- The outside round is best used for beef stew or roasts.
One Eye or round- Great for eye of round medallion steaks or kept whole and used as a roast.
One Sirloin Tip-  You can keep whole and use it as a roast or slice it into steaks, and even make stew with it.
One Femur bone- Bone is best cut up and used to make bone broth or if you have a dog it makes for a great treat.
One Top Butt- The Top butt is used to make Top Sirloin Steaks, you can specify the thickness and how you would like it packed.
One Picania- The Picania is a cut that is best grilled whole and then sliced after it is cooked.
One Tri-Tip_ The Tri-Tip is best used for grilling whole, similar to the picania or cut into stew.
One Tenderloin- The Tenderloin is the softest cut of meat, it is used for steaks or left whole to make a roast.
One Striploin- The Striploin is a premium cut of beef, it can be cut into steaks and is great for grilling.
One Piece of Flank Meat- A long piece of meat about 8 inches long best to marinade and then grill used for fajitas.
One Flank Steak-  A flat piece of meat best used for stir fry.
One Beef Whole Rib- Here you can choose between making a Ribeye, Bone in Rib Steaks, or Tomahawks.
One rack of Back Ribs- If you choose to make Ribeyes you will have a rack of back ribs packed separately, if you choose the tomahawks or the bone in rib steaks the back ribs will be left on the steaks.
One Skirt Steak- A long piece of meat that is best used for grilling. Has a very meaty flavour.
One Brisket- The Brisket is best left whole and used for smoking or in the oven slow cooked.
One Piece of Brisket Short Ribs- Best to be cut thin and grilled.
One Front Shank- The beef front shank is best to be cut up and used to make wonderful bone broth.
Flat Iron Steak- A flat piece of beef that is best used for grilling and left whole.
Chuck Tender- A cone shaped piece of meat that is best used to make beef stews.
Chuck Short Ribs- A whole pice of chuck short Ribs is best to be cut in 1/2 inch pieces and then grilled or cooked in the oven.
One Boneless Blade- The boneless blade can be used for grilling steaks, pot roasts or stew.
Beef neck Bones- Beef neck bones will be cut up and be best used to make a broth.